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Smart Alarm Small Daily Pill Box Organizer

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Smart Alarm Small Daily Pill Box Organizer

Looking for the perfect portable pill box that'll also keep track of when to take which pill for you? Our exclusive pill organizer features a special alarm system which is designed to help you stay on right on track without forgetting a single dose.

Not only does our pill holder do the remembering for you, but it also has the ability to store up to four different alarms for all the pill tabs. Plus, the small size of our travel pill case makes it extremely portable, making it easy for you to store away.

Best part of all, the cute pill organizer is extremely easy to use. Simply set the current time on the alarm pill box, press the MEMO button to set a specific time, and choose the specific tone for the alarm before setting up the time. Compact, easy to use and extremely convenient.


PORTABLE - Take the stress away out of traveling and taking your pills on time with our small pill box! The pre-set alarms go off on the set time periods regardless of where you are in the world. Convenient to stay on top of your health while on the road.

CONVENIENT - We get it - there's literally hundreds of things going on in life and it becomes hard to remember what pill you took and when you took it. This daily pill box does the heavy lifting for you by letting you know exactly when you need to take your next dose.

EASY TO USE - Using this daily pill organizer is as simple as filling the small boxes up with your pills, inserting batteries to turn it on, and setting up the times for the alarm. There's an instruction manual provided to make things easier.

1. Before opening the battery door, remove the insulation sheet.
2. Be sure to set the clock first to be consistent with the current time.
3. Set the alarm to your desired timings bu clicking on the ON / OFF button for the bell
The time can be switched between 12 hours / 24 hours layout:
Press the ON / OFF button, the display will be AM, is the 12-hour clock,
Then press the ON / OFF button, AM not, will show 00, is the 24-hour clock
5. At any time click the ''MEMO'' key issue ''drop'' soon after the first group to successfully set the alarm, the smart chip is to remember that time, after 24 hours at the same time, a rapid alarm sounds will ring for 30 seconds reminder.
6. Choose from the four manually set tones: the first: ''drop'', the second: ''Didi'' .... Fourth: ''bit by bit''
Sound size is fixed and can not adjust
7. If the ring setting in turmoil, that all press MEMO key will cancel and re-set the fine. Or go to the next and then transferred to the battery to be.

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